Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Lost Gator on the Loose

Alligator Lake has an overflow pond along 7th Avenue, and alligator families have adopted the water as a nursery for years.   While walking a toy poodle near this pond, the innkeeper spied a 4’ long alligator on the loose and on the wrong side of the fencing, having sneaked through the gate.  Now the gator was trying to get back through the fence to his watery nursery.  Of course the poodle was too big for him to salivate over, and the poodle could care less about a loose reptile.  But there could be danger for that small alligator and for passing children wanting to catch him,  so a call was made to Alligator Rescue, Inc., “We Bag ‘em and Tag ‘em”.  But just an answering machine.  Second call was made to the City and they finally agreed to send someone out, and he arrived but refused to get out of his truck.   Meanwhile, the poodle is bored out of his mind and the gator is running back and forth at the fence.  Lo and behold, two trucks stop and 2 guys come out (dressed like the Lone Ranger and Tonto), one had a shovel and they bravely moved the snarling, spitting, jumping gator down the fence to the gate, where he slithered back in and headed back to his pond nursery, and smiles were passed around.  The innkeeper woke up the poodle and took him home.  The silver bullets were never found.

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