Thursday, October 24, 2013

Knitters Abound!

Knitters have knitted and crocheted many rows while staying at the Ibis, with happy balls of yarn rolling under the couches while knitters revealed the secrets of finding and using the best yarns. One knitter could not fly to Florida without her knitting, at a time when knitting needles were prohibited at security checkpoints. Always the resourceful knitter, she took her circular wood needles and strung them with two dozen brightly colored beads and wore it as a necklace!!!! No problem in security and getting on the plane…….then once onboard, she unstrung the beads from the needles and resumed her rows of knitting across the thousand-mile flight to Florida. 

Monday, October 7, 2013

The Prosecutor

The Prosecutor

A near-retiring  US prosecuting attorney visited, on her way to the Middle East.  She was a Peace Corp worker in her younger years, then married a Samurai in a full Japanese wedding ceremony, and now continues to serve her country by leaving soon for Iraq, where she will “live in a box” for 2 years, teaching legal techniques to Iraquis.  Then she has put in for another 2 years in Afghanistan after that.  Her only hope was that she would not have a roommate in her residential “box”.    Hats off to you, and thanks!