Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Froggy Comes to Stay

During slow summer months, toilets have to be cleaned even though not used, and when the innkeeper lifted a toilet seat to perform this duty, a 6” long green toad was staring at her from under the rim.  Since he was not a paying guest, a towel was grabbed to snare him and release him outside, and the problem was solved………….in a few weeks the toilet cleaning duty was repeated, and the same green toad was resting in the same place under the rim, staring at the innkeeper, daring her to disturb his rest. Since he had no credit card in his mouth,  he was escorted outside to the nearest pond to enjoy more natural surroundings, and the problem was solved……….a few weeks later the innkeeper lifted the toilet seat again and this time there was a 4” long green frog nesting under the rim.  Tired of this process, the innkeeper then took this frog to Alligator Lake down the street and let it loose to frolic with the alligators.   No frog has been seen again inside the Ibis, probably it got poor reviews in the Froggy Free Stays website. 

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