Friday, September 6, 2013

The Plucky Plucked Rooster- TRUE Story from a guest!

During and after WWII there was a Canadian chicken farmer who fed his flock of chickens  free leftover grain from  a gin-making factory nearby, since chicken feed was hard to get in winter.  The hens weren’t too thrilled with the taste, but one rooster couldn’t get enough of it for a few days, and gorged himself finishing off the feeder contents.  The farmer found him lying in the yard, non-responsive and cold, looking very dead indeed.  And since they really needed his feathers in their home pillows, he plucked the rooster and deposited his carcass atop a pile of still-warm compost.    Later that day, they heard a rooster crowing and,  looking out the window, saw this plucked rooster strutting about the yard in the snow, shivering and crowing like a banshee.  Poor farmer’s wife felt so sorry for him she knitted a custom jacket for him to wear until the feathers grew back out…… which they did, but I wish we had a picture of that…..

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